Your National Buffalo Ranch Directory

Oklahoma Buffalo Ranches

Oklahoma Buffalo (Bison) Ranches

Info Ranch Name County
 Info Witchita Buffalo Company Caddo
 Info Little Timbers Bison Carter
  Modoc Bison Ranch Cherokee
 Info Choctaw Nation Ranches Choctaw
 Info Comanche Buffalo Comache
 Info R Bar M Enterprises Garvin
 Info County Line Bison Farms Lincoln
 Info Cross Country Cattle Logan
 Info Deertime Ranch Logan
 Info Cross Bell Ranch, LLC Love
  The Buffalo Works Johnson
  BelleStar Buffalo Co McIntosh
 Info Rock Creek Buffalo Ranch Murray
 Info Soaring Hawk Bison Ranch Muskogee
 Info Bison Investments, LLC Oklahoma
 Info Rainy Mountain Bison Oklahoma
 Info The Cheek Ranch Oklahoma
 Info Rock Creek Buffalo Ranch Okmulgee
 Info Bluestem, LLC Osage
 Info Nature Conservancy Osage
 Info Pawneee Bill Ranch Site Pawnee
 Info Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Payne
 Info OSAJ Ranch 1214 S Payne
 Info Heritage Hills Ranch Rogers
 Info Fioravanti Bison Ranch  Wagoner 
 Info Woolaroc Ranch  Washington 
 Info Schultz Ranch / Freedom Buffalo Meat Co  Woods 

Did you know?
Buffalo is sometimes called "America's Original Red Meat" because it was the primary meat source to many of the Plains Indians until millions of the buffalo were slaughtered back in the late 1800's and they nearly became extinct. Now they are being farm raised on private ranches and the numbers are back up to about one-half of a million. Whether grass fed or grain finished, buffalo meat has a rich flavor you will enjoy.

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