Your National Buffalo Ranch Directory

Michigan Buffalo Ranches

Michigan Buffalo (Bison) Ranches
Ranch Name
 Buck Naked Buffalo Ranch
 Badger Buffalo Farms
 Reid's TJ Farm
 AJ's Bison
 LeeGrande Ranch
 Mid -West Buffalo Co
 Renegade Ranch
 Circle K Ranch
 Buffalo Brian's Bison Ranch
 Showdown Bison Ranch
 Kelenski Farms
 Grand Traverse
 Oleson's Food Stores & Farms
 Grand Traverse
 Townsedge Buffalo Ranch
 Froling Bison Ranch
 Child's Place Buffalo Ranch
 Bill's Big Bison
 Breezy Hills Buffalo Ranch
 Coldwater Bison Farm
 Sprik Farms
 Twiss Centennial Bison
 Beaver Grove Bison
 Molnar's Buffalo Farm
 Steckmeyer's Buffalo Ranch
 Tatonkas R Us
 Double R Bison
 Creekside Bison Farm
 Stony Acres Buffalo
 Windy Hills Bison Farm
 Double E Buffalo Ranch
 Great Lakes Bison
 Metz Bison
 Presque Isle
 REV Bison
 Peaceable Kingdom Ranch
 St Clair
 Flying T Bison
 St. Joseph
 Gravel Canyon Ranch
 Van Buron
 Domino's Farm

Did you know?
Buffalo is sometimes called "America's Original Red Meat" because it was the primary meat source to many of the Plains Indians until millions of the buffalo were slaughtered back in the late 1800's and they nearly became extinct. Now they are being farm raised on private ranches and the numbers are back up to about one-half of a million. Whether grass fed or grain finished, buffalo meat has a rich flavor you will enjoy.