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ABC Ranch

John & Jane Smith
123 Main Street
Somewhere, WI 00000
Buffalo County

Phone; 555-555-5555
Fax: 555-555-5556
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ABC Ranch takes great pride in offering our customers high quality meat at an affordable price. Located atop the hills of the Rush River Valley, our ranch focus is to raise Buffalo in a natural setting for the benefit of both the animals and ourselves. Our love of the Buffalo is what drew us to raise them. Our pride in raising Buffalo and helping to increase their numbers along with so many other ranchers across the United States and the world is what keeps us in the business.
Items offered
Restaurants  (serving our meat)
XYZ Cafe, Somewhere, USA
ABC Bar & Grill, Somewhere, USA
123 Restaurant, Somewhere, USA
Call us at 555-555-5555 or visit
for pricing on High Quality Meat Selections available direct from the Ranch to you.
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ABC Ranch offers buffalo meat for the health conscious meat purchaser.
Buffalo meat (Bisonmeat) is a tender, tasty and healthy red meat source!
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Come see us at the local Farmers Markets:
 Somewhere, USA
(Every first Saturday)
Anytown, USA
(Every Thursday)
Open House at the Ranch
First Saturday in April

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Membership Monthly amounts are charged on a yearly basis ie: 
January - December $1 x 12 = $12
April - December $1 x 9 = $9
July - December $1 x 6 = $6
October - December $1 x 3 =$3

Please choose the correct amount of month(s) remaining in the year including the current month as your qnty when checking out.

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