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Long Ago Ranch - Pierce County WI

Buffalo . .  . America's Original  Red Meat

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One of Wisconsin's Buffalo ( Bison ) Ranches
Long Ago Ranch
W3034 270th Ave.
Maiden Rock, WI

While many Buffalo (Bison) Ranchers raise their animals for direct Meat Sales, we have decided to raise our animals for breeding purposes; therefore, selling live animals to other Ranchers (Farmers).  Although we do not sell buffalo meat directly to others at this time, we hope to provide you a great source to find Buffalo Ranchers (Farmers) who do with We hope you enjoy this website and would love to hear your feedback as we grow. Thank you - Kris and Tom. 


 Our goal is to make a living, out of enjoying life-

Our goals include raising buffalo known within the industry as great breeding animals, therefore creating quality animals for meat producers. With everything we do, our goal is to make a living out of enjoying life and helping others to do the same.


We are committed to

  • Working together as a family
  • Offering Healthy, Quality products to others, while creating an income
  • Raising buffalo in a natural setting for the benefit of both the animals and ourselves
  • Finding new ways to promote and advance the Buffalo Industry
  • Helping others succeed so that we ourselves may succeed 

Our website is designed to promote the Buffalo (Bison) Industry and all the people who work hard everyday to advance both this industry and  the farming industry!   
Simple ways you can help:
  • Buy Buffalo Meat
  • Let your friends and family know how good it is for them
  • Ask for Buffalo Meat at your local grocery store
  • Ask for Buffalo Meat at your favorite local restaurant
  • Check out Fantastic Buffalo Wool Clothing - made from the hair that is shed annually
  • Check out other buffalo by-products available, such as hides and skulls